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16 Testimonials

  • Scott K says:

    I gave Jake quite a challenge with my first lawn. It took us a couple years to get rid of the many different types of grasses and weeds that we had in our yard. Considering that they were invading from the neighbors lawns, it was quite impressive the change he made over the course of a couple years. Jake will always answer the phone and work with you on a solution to any problem your lawn may have. I especially like the prepay service.

  • Ryan M says:

    If you are looking for honest advice for your yard Top Class is the company to call. Our yard always looks great and if an issue comes up Jake will take care of it.

  • Erica says:

    Jake with Top Class has not only handled making my lawn look great, but also my mom and my rental properties. He even mows for me when my husband is out of town, etc. I tell everyone about Jake and the amazing service you receive with Top Class!

  • John W. says:

    We bought a house and the yard was a disaster! Our next door neighbors recommended Top Class. Jake has been awesome to work with. Our yard looks so much better with just 2 applications. Would recommend to anyone.

  • Chris Blackwell says:

    Jake has taken care of my lawn for the past three years and has done an outstanding job. I would recommend him to anyone.

  • Scott K says:

    I recently started using Top Class after fighting weeds and other grasses for two years. Previous owner and the neighbors did not do me any favors. So far the service has been excellent and am looking forward to using my time on different projects around the house. Keep up the good work Jake!

  • Pam K. says:

    The best man for the best job in town. I would recommend Jake Wilson’s Top Class Lawn Care to anyone interested in getting the best of the best.

  • Rick G. says:

    I wish I would have called these guys earlier. After trying to take care of the lawn myself I decided to give these guys an opportunity. The lawn has never looked better after a full year on the program and the cost is about as much as I was paying buying the stuff myself at the hardware store.

  • Carolyn M. says:

    Props to Jake at Top Class for always doing a good job for us with the lawn. And I must say they are one of the few service companies I deal with that actually return phone calls!

  • Michelle D. says:

    I love how I can just leave the lawn work up to these guys and I know everything is going to look great year after year. It’s one less thing for me to have to worry about.

  • Matt. C. says:

    There is not one single weed in my lawn. Not one! Thanks Top Class Lawn Care for all your hard work. They set the bar pretty high on quality service.

  • Jason S. says:

    My lawn looks fantastic and I have zero complaints. Keep up the good work!

  • Jennifer M. says:

    The neighbors are starting to take notice of my beautiful green lawn. My grass was a complete disaster after the previous owners of my new house did nothing with it. We had Top Class do a complete over-seeding last fall and we now have the best lawn on the block. They are now treating both my neighbor’s lawns after seeing the great results.

  • Charles R. says:

    I get people all the time ask me “Who takes care of your lawn?” I just send them right over to Top Class. I can’t take all the credit for it.

  • Ben M. says:

    It’s a pleasure dealing with Jake at Top Class Lawn Care. If there is ever any issue at all, they take care of it quickly and effectively. We usually pre-pay for our services in early spring and know that the lawn will look great the rest of the season.

  • Blythe Heits says:

    Jake has been amazing to work with!!! He is honest and so very helpful!!!! Thank you for the outstanding service!

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