Lawn Program

Our standard lawn treatment program consists of six applications that will provide your lawn with the necessary fertilizer nutrition, and weed control it requires throughout the year. Modeled after university guidelines and years of experience, our program utilizes premium and safe products expertly timed out for maximum results. The Top Class Lawn Care six step program also includes a summer grub control application. Unlike many competing lawn care programs, there is no up-charge for this additional grub treatment. Additionally, customers who purchase the standard program will receive free service calls between scheduled visits. Have a few weeds that sprouted since we last came out? No problem! We’ll be happy to come out and take care of it free of charge, and diagnose any other issues if necessary.

Round 1 Grassy weed pre-emergent and slow release fertilizer (March-April)

Round 2 Broadleaf weed control and balanced fertilizer (April-May)

Round 3 Slow release summer fertilizer and spot spray for all weeds (June-July)

Round 4 Season long grub control (June-July)

Round 5 Broadleaf weed control and balanced fall fertilizer (September-October)

Round 6 Winterizer application with high nitrogen and root enhancer (November-December)

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